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Zephyrhills Water Source Information


Zephyrhills' clean, pure, refreshing taste has made it the number one bottled water brand in Florida, and it continues to grow in popularity.


The history of Zephyrhills Brand begins with a small town that earned the name "City of Pure Water." The town of Zephyrhills, Florida is located among the scenic rolling hills, citrus groves and lakes of Central Florida. We named our water Zephyrhills because to us, it's more than a name, it's a celebration of what's most natural about Florida. We believe Zephyrhills Brand Natural Spring Water is the best that Florida has to offer - great-tasting water from natural springs in Florida.


Zephyrhills Brand Natural Spring Water's great taste is the result of rainwater percolating to the surface through limestone bedrock, which is rich in calcium carbonate and magnesium. As it surfaces, it captures these and other minerals, giving Zephyrhills Brand Natural Spring Water a high mineral content. At its original source, it eventually emerges from magnificent limestone caves beneath the earth to create a natural pool.


Zephyrhills Brand Natural Spring Water comes exclusively from natural sources in Florida. In additional to the original source located in the Zephyrhills area, we have also selected additional natural spring sources in Florida that will continue to deliver the clean and refreshing taste of Zephyrhills Brand Natural Spring Water for many years to come.

Sources of Water

Spring water sources: Crystal Springs, Pasco County, FL; Cypress Springs,Washington County,FL;and/or Blue Springs, Madison County, FL


Distilled water sources: may either be a well or municipal supply.


Drinking water sources: may either be a well or municipal supply.

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